Terms and Conditions

General Terms and conditions

Wear and care,

Your spectacles have been carefully made to your prescription and requirements, to ensure you can enjoy them for as long as possible here are a few tips;

Always clean them with clear cold water. If the lenses need a more thorough clean, neutral PH soap may be used on the lenses. The lenses can then be gently wiped dry with a facial tissue and polished with a clean lens cloth. Ensure that no excessive pressure is applied to the lenses while doing so. If your nose pads need cleaning, this can easily be done by rubbing gently with a toothbrush.

The coatings on your lenses are made to withstand a maximum temperature of 60ºC (depending on the ambient humidity). Natural acetate frames will start to become malleable and are more likely to warp or bend past this temperature. Please ensure you don’t leave them in a hot car or behind a window in the sun etc.

Sudden changes in temperature (ie sitting by a fire and going outside in winter) may affect you lenses coatings.

Sea water and sea spray may damage some lenses and frames, please rinse your glasses with cold water when returning from the beach. Damage caused by sea water, interaction with abrasive cleaners or chemicals etc are not covered by your warranty unless specifically stated by the manufacturer..

If the hinged joints of your glasses become stiff with use, don’t use brute force to open them! Please bring them to the practice where we will loosen them gently.

You can bring your spectacles to us any time you like, as many times as you like, the after-sale service is included in the price of your glasses. We will never charge you for service and adjustments of this kind.


Terms and conditions. These can be updated at any time.

Please be aware of our general T&Cs which apply to all spectacle purchases. In the first instance of any problem of any nature, please contact us straight away. We will always endeavor to assist you in anyway we can, in some instances, we can help you outside of the stated warranties etc. 


All goods purchased have a 1 year warranty covering any manufacturing defect. An exception is made for some products which have a longer cover from the manufacturer (ie: Etnia Barcelona™ 34 months, Minima™ 10 years… ). Some goods may need to be returned to the supplier before any warranty claim can be made.

All Essilor™ lenses are covered with 2 years warranty for manufaturing defects. The Crizal Forte™, Crizal Prevencia™ and Crizal Optifog™ only are covered with 2 years no quibble scratch guarantee (one exchange free of charge from the date of purchase made to the same prescription).

All varifocals ( Varilux™ ) and Essilor Transitions™ are covered with a strict 60 days adaptation guarantee for comfort or vision issues. One exchange / credit is covered during this period. Prescription changes are not covered, any remake past this period may be charged at regular price.

All varifocals are designed to give comfortable distance vision as well as reading, computer work may require an additional pair of spectacles made specifically and solely for screen use in some cases (specific prescrition, large and multiple screens…)

Driving in any occupational lenses ( lenses with no distance prescription, ie: computer lenses ) or ill-fitting glasses may cause your vision and field of vision to drop below driving standards and make yourself prosecutable in case of accident. We will not fit your glasses in a way that makes you unfit to drive. We cannot take any responsability for any alterations you may have made to the fitting of your spectacles causing your vision to drop below driving standards.

We cannot take responsibility for any spectacles made to our prescriptions by any other company. The technical realisation of your spectacles as well as your prescription are both crucial in providing you with the best visual experience. As such, we recommend that you obtain your glasses from the same practice that has completed your Eye Examination. If you would like to obtain your glasses from us but have an up to date prescription from elsewhere, we will happily recheck your prescription at no charge. For this service, we will require an up to date and signed prescription from the other practice to be brought in. In doing this, the entire responsibility for your spectacle comfort and vision would be covered by ourselves under our usual terms and conditions.