About us

After years of looking after Jersey’s vision for different local opticians, we decided to open The Eye Site Opticians as a way to provide the level of customer service people deserve.

Most of our patients come to the Optician because they have to, to them it was a chore and often felt it was an unsatisfactory experience.

“I can’t find any glasses I like”

This is what we used to hear.

We are here to make you love glasses again.

The Eye Site offers a hand picked unique selection of glasses and sunglasses; forget the Prada, Gucci and others, forget the fashion followers.

Come and discover the trendsetters. You may have never heard about them, but these are all renowned spectacles makers. Some of our brands have been featured in Vogue, some are worn by celebrities you will have heard of.

You may well have met us already in our previous positions, or you may have heard about us.

We are now in a position to give you the glasses you have dreamed of, and we will.

We are looking forward to meeting you all.

Nicky Bond